We believe our clients’ success is a direct reflection on us as a company. Our corporate development begins with a detailed assessment of our clients’ processes and business structure and ends with a tactical plan that our consultants execute to precision. We provide an experienced management team to act as our clients’ temporary executive board and create a plan to evolve the business, establish a sound internal structure, and assist with funding for continued growth.

Initial Consultation
We listen to our clients' goals and needs, and discuss the benefits of partnering with Incline Solutions.

We drill down into our clients' business and bring in a specialized team to interview the staff to understand company goals, problems, and opportunities.

Strategic Plan
Working with our clients, we clearly define objectives and develop a strategic plan to address their needs.

Tactical Plan
We translate our clients' strategic plan into an executable plan, placing subject matter experts with the client, determining goals and milestones, and assigning daily tasks.

Tactical Execution
Our consultants execute the tactical plan and submit reports to the executive team, ensuring a high quality of work and that all goals and milestones are achieved.