Managing people is at the core of every business. Incline Solutions provides its clients with an efficient HR management process that takes the guesswork out of human resources, creating an environment where expert talent is retained, and employee decisions are entirely data-based.

Benefits management, payroll, business intelligence, HR reporting, data quality, HRIS, policy, compensation, organizational structure, recruiting, and FLSA, EEO, and AAP compliance.


Employee rewards, incentive/bonus programs, equity programs, titling, talent acquisition, and retention.

Performance Management and Training

Coaching, high potential programs, identify training gaps, manager training, tool selection.


Analysis for optimal employee health and wellness plans relative to budget, 401k, communication, and administration.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Culture and job analysis for integration and synergies, transaction costs, and post-metrics.

Culture & Communication

Surveying employee attitudes, satisfaction, and engagement. Communication strategies for growth changes, HR programs, and open feedback loops.

Workforce Planning & Recruitment

Matching company roadmap with current and future hiring needs, process, selection criteria, employment branding, vendors, ATS, onboarding program design.

HRIS Systems/CRM Integration

Employee portal, budget, forecasting, and planning.

HR Toolkits and Metrics

Intranet content, employee policy, handbook design and rollout, forms, checklists, memos, documentation and metrics.

Highly Qualified Subcontractors for Every Project

Large labor pool and skill set, as needed.